My own CD releases


Release 1 dec 2018


There are 17 songs on this CD

Roger Paulsson has contributed with most backgrounds as usual, but also Pete Korving has contributed with a couple

Two newly composed songs by Fred Sammelius are also available

Recording, mixing and mastering is done at home in Tulleråsen

Muckartwist "2018"

Hovslagar Per
Ramblin Rose
Daily Star
Sealed With A Kiss
Spanish Eyes
Lite För Sent
I Still Miss Someone
Let The Sun Shine In You´r Heart
Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen ver 2
Du e Min Man
Rounding The Cape
Unchained Melody
Bonusspår Mona Lisa ver 2


Chicken Wire

Now it's time for a new CD
17 songs I've managed to squeeze in on this CD

Roger Paulsson has contributed most of the backgrounds as usual, but even Pete Korving has contributed a couple

Recording, mixing and mastering is done at home in Tulleråsen

Chicken Wire "2016"

Chicken Wire
But I do
Under Ekars Djupa Grönska
Walk On By
How Wonderful To Know
I´ll Remember You
I Was Kaiser Bill´s Batman
Wonderland By Night
Happy Go Lucky Guitar ver 3
Geni With The Light Brown Lamp
Stand By You´r Man
Come Prima
The Golden Sea
Man Of Mystery
Den Stora Dagen
Chicken Wire ver 2


Blue Blue Day

As in the past I have used Roger Paulsson´s professional backgrounds on all tracks except track number 15 as Pete Korving made

Recording, mixing and mastering is done at home in Tulleråsen

Blue Blue Day "2014"

Blue Blue Day
Everybody Loves Somebody
Foot Tapper
Kära Syster
Last date
Spanish Tango
Till There Was You
När Syrenerna Blommar Där Hemma
Dags Att Ta Farväl
Space Walk

Pretty Woman
Mexican Bodega


Sju Ensamma Kvällar

As usual, I have used myself by Roger Paulson's professional backgrounds of all the songs except track 5 is by Lennart Clerwall
Recording, mixing and mastering is done at home in Tulleråsen in my little home studio.

Sju Ensamma Kvällar "2012"                       

Sju Ensamma Kvällar
Storms Never Last
Take Good Care Of My Baby
One Way Ticket
Beautiful Heart
För Mig Är Du Blott Den Enda I Världen
Blow You´r Hat In The Chreek
I´ll Remember Elvis Pressley
A World Without Love
The Old Spinning Wheel
Rythm Of The Rain
Local Hero "Going Home"
Jag Ska Måla Hela Världen Lilla Mamma
Låt Sommaren Gunga Dej
The Things We Did Last Summer

Thoméegränd 14


Losing You 2010

Again, I have managed to create a CD and I address many thanks to Roger Paulsson's professional background accompaniment. Roger has done almost all backgrounds to this CD in addition to songs, except for songs No 5, 9 and 14.

Christer Hall has helped me with track No. 5 and Karl Roland "Bille" Billner with track No. 9.

I have been assisted by Ann-Sofie Thoresson with photography and layout.

Recording, mixing and mastering is done in Tulleråsen in my little home studio.

Losing You "2010"                   

Losing You
Romantic Evening
Månsken Över Ångermanälven
Gotlänsk Sommarnatt
From A Jack To A King
Rose Garden
Bobby´s Girl
Hopelessly Devoted To You
I Only Want To Be With You
Green Fields
No Moon At All
My Way
Quando Calienta El Sol
Kärleken I Dina Ögon
Storgatan Boogie Ver.2


Lilla Vackra Anna 2008

I've finally managed to create an additional CD and have again been fortunate to receive help from Roger Paulsson with except track number 4 where Roland "Bille" Billner has been involved.

As before it is made in my home studio and with perhaps even a new sound compared to my earlier productions.

In the final mixing, I have had the help of Ann-Sofie Thoresson and Staffan Lundin.

Lilla Vackra Anna "2008"

Lilla Vackra Anna
Mona Lisa
Stockholm I Mitt Hjärta

Lonesome Moonride
I Could Easily Fall In Love With You
As Time Goes By
Säj Inte Nej Säj Kanske
The Minute Youré Gone
Valla Bay

Mattmar By Night
My Latest
Happy Go Lucky Guitar Ver 2


A Dream Of Glory 2004

This is slightly better in sound quality and with a bit more reverberation than the former.

As usual, I have used my home computer and had the help of Hans-Ola Björk with the final mixing, he has also made the layout of the CD.

Roger Paulsson has participated in building most of the background accompaniments.

Many thanks to both of you for the help with the achievement of this CD, and last but not least of all one must have a very understanding and patient partner.

A Dream Of Glory "2004"

A Dream Of Glory
Nothing´s Gonna Change My Love For You
Quartermaster Stores
Jag var så Kär
Old Faitful (Gamle Svarten)
Into The Shadows

Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen
Happy New Year
Secrets Of The Sea
Mozart Forte
Who Needs A Broken Heart
Summerlove 59
Deep Purple
Storgatan Boogie


It´s A Ellertz World 2003

This is the first CD that I have made and Roger Paulsson is responsible for the back tracks with background accompaniment for most of the songs but a few come from UB Hank's back track discs.

Hans Ola Björk has taken part when it comes to both mixing and wrapping.

The song Happy Go Lucky Guitar from this album remained the full 10 weeks in Jämtland P4 - top list in 2004 and earned a creditable seventh place on the annual list.
Recording is done in my home studio in Tulleråsen.

It´s A Ellertz World "2003"

Happy Go Lucky Guitar
Min Soldat
Utsikt Över Flöjern
It´s A Ellertz World
You Were Always On My Mind
The Young Ones
Spring Is Nearly Here
You Don´t Have To Say You Love Me
Vår Sista dans
Guitar Boogie
Afton Vid Mjörn
Twilight Time

The Old Romantik